A Comprehensive Service Offer

Our service portfolio is designed to support any health and public sector organisation, solution vendor and innovator regardless of the scale of their ambitions or challenges. We provide comprehensive consulting services ranging from strategy development, assessments or problem solving through to innovation pilots and scaling programmes. For those who need fluid access to advice, we offer an innovative subscription model providing you with ready access to expert advice and resources.

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Our new service

Clarity Guidance

Bringing clarity, focus and assurance to your digital strategy implementation

Our highly configurable subscription service provides you with all-year-round access to our resources and specialist  advisors to assure and improve the impact of your digital development portfolio. Clarity Guidance is an annual subscription service that is tailored to your specific digital journey and priority requirements.

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Health & Public Sector

Strategic Planning

We offer a full range of strategy development and execution services to reimagine, reconfigure and transform services using leading-edge digital technologies to deliver better value, improve user experiences, outcomes and workforce effectiveness across the organisation and wider health economy.

  • Digital Strategy Development
  • Information Governance Strategy
  • Technology-led Blueprint Design
  • Information Management
  • Data Strategy
  • Digitally-enabled Integrated Care (ICS/STP/Place)

Problem Solving

Our rapid problem-solving services are designed to support all aspects of your digital transformation journey. We provide access to senior management consultants and technology experts to provide rapid analysis, assessment, development of problem-solving solutions and ongoing advice, guidance and mentoring.

  • Technology Options Appraisals
  • Business Case Development and Assurance
  • Change Management & Adoption services
  • Information Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Turnaround & Recovery Services
  • Benefits Realisation

Innovation Management

Our Innovation Management services are designed to enable Health & Public Sector organisations to implement and prove digital innovations. We support you to identify, pilot and scale game-changing solutions in an incremental, evidence-based way that leverages the power of technology and proves their impact on people, workforces, finance and environmental sustainability. Our methodology is agile and enables scalability.

  • Solution Identification
  • Supplier Navigation and Engagement
  • Technology Validation
  • Emerging Tech Guidance

Scaling Services

Our scaling services enables Health & Public Sector organisations the tools, capability and capacity to expand their investment in technologies and support digitally enabled transformation at scale. Our agile and evidence-based approach applies to all lifecycle stages of digital and technology projects.

  • Business Case Development (OBC,SOC,FBC)
  • Maturity & Readiness Assessments
  • Programme Management
  • Implementation Capability
  • Change Management
  • Optimisation Planning


Technology & Digital Innovation Vendors

Acceleration Service

Our structured accelerator programme provides technology innovators with the support they need to test new ideas and take them to market.

Innovation Projects

We form partnerships with innovators and H&SC organisations to design and run agile test bed programmes using a proven methodology and evidence-based assurance approach.

Market Strategy

We work with vendors to develop intelligence-led strategies to support market entry and growth. We have an established methodology and robust market intelligence database.

Service Partnerships

We work with vendors to jointly market co-developed propositions requiring a unique technology and professional services mix.

How can we help you deliver digital impact?

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