The Clarity Practice announces new project with West Yorkshire Health & Care Partnership.

Effective communication between prescribers and community pharmacies is an essential element of a positive patient experience. When something goes wrong, or there are questions about the prescription, this can cause delays and uncertainty for patients - who often end up being the “communication bridge” between their GP and Pharmacist.

West Yorkshire Health & Care Partnership and The Clarity Practice will be working together to identify how these issues occur, and what can be done to improve communications and information flow between GPs and other prescribers and those dispensing to patients across the region. Working together we will seek input from patient groups, prescribers and those dispensing within the community. National bodies and systems teams will also be consulted.

This exciting project is a continuation of work undertaken by The Clarity Practice in other regions under the Digital Primary Care Accelerator Fund and will focus on a specific area that patients have highlighted as an opportunity for improvement.