Navigate your Digital Journey with Clarity  

What drives us?

Our mission is to accelerate the impact of digital technologies in the UK Health & Life Sciences sector.



We guide individuals and organisations to chart, navigate, explore and discover the impacts they aspire to. Our unique DIGITAL IMPACT approach is designed to impact positively in four key dimensions:

Experience and outcomes

- Worksforce potential

- Value for money

- Environment

Improve experience & outcomes

After all, the reason you get out of bed is to deliver health and care for service users and to improve the wellbeing and health outcomes for individual people, their families and their communities.

Unlock the Potential of Your Workforce

Commissioners and providers are meeting the challenge of health and care integration; from developing integrated care records and plans to developing new service models and access routes for service users. Your workforce is the key to accelerating this transformation.

Increase Value

Digital technology and services have transformed other business sectors and a key driver has been to drive cost efficiencies, improve services and customer experience. The health and care sector is far more complex than these well-known service sectors, but the principles and opportunities nevertheless are evident. The case for digitisation is compelling, but leveraging the value of digital investment requires a new mind set and openness to change.

Take Ownership For Our Environment

How much travel undertaken by patients and by health and care workers is avoidable? How can the experience of service users and the workforce be improved? Adopting digital technologies, improving data flows and data sharing has got the be the way forward to reducing the carbon footprint of our health and care services. It’s a no-brainer – isn’t it? Easier said than done, but we at The Clarity Practice are passionate that it can be done. Let’s start now.


Our Partners

Working for over 15 years in Consulting, I’d say it’s the continuous intellectual challenge that I enjoy the most; it  requires a diverse set of capabilities that need to be constantly updated in order to keep yourself and your clients ahead. I get real pleasure from seeing individual clients overcome their challenges, achieve their ambitions and develop their team along the way.


Proudest achievement

I would have to say the consulting work I have led at a regional level which resulted in new models of care and improved quality, supported by digital technologies.


Favourite quote

“Stop trying to make everyone happy, you’re not tequila”.


Random fact

I’m consistently in the top 30 highest scoring Tetris players in the UK. I live on the grounds of a Victorian lunatic asylum. There may be a connection?

Gareth Dellenty


Kate Salsbury


I enjoy the whole process of identifying, planning and implementing digital developments that make a sustainable improvement and impact for staff and/or patients;  from complex strategic enterprise-wide solutions to tactical optimisation of existing solutions. I began working independently as a consultant after 17 years working in the NHS developing and implementing information and technology strategies to support service transformation and delivering complex IT enabled change programmes. 


Proudest achievement

I get real satisfaction from finishing a job that at the start, seemed a tall order, either due to time constraints, size or complexity.


Favourite Quote

 “If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito”
Anita Roddick


Random fact

My main interests outside of work are rugby union and tennis – I play neither but watch a lot!

With over 10 years of senior sales, operations and management experience, my roles have allowed me to engage with and build strong relationships with many Digital Leaders across the public and private sectors. Working closely with local providers, primary care networks and integrated care systems, I find the most exciting projects are those which require collaboration and a broad range of knowledge and expertise to tackle complex challenges, driving better outcomes and experiences for patients. 


Proudest achievement

Within a 12-month period I will have become a husband, a father and a business owner.      


Favourite quote

“No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing a solo game, you’ll always lose out to a team” Reid Hoffman 


Random fact

With a passion for cooking and sport, I try and live a balanced lifestyle. If I’m not playing football or squash, it’s likely that I will be rustling something up in the kitchen.

Alistair King


Andrew Fenton


 Working in the commercial creative services sector and running my own digital agency, my passion was always about achieving creative excellence in delivering my client’s brief. Now, after 15 years working in and for the public health and care sector, I’ve maintained this fundamental passion, but added a drive to deliver real impact and value for service users and health and care professionals.


Proudest achievement

My proudest moments have always been about building teams and helping others to identify and develop their own capability.


Favourite quote

“There’s nothing wrong with you that an expensive operation can’t prolong.”

Monty Python’s Flying Circus


Random fact

I had a nasty RTA on the M11 during peak commuting time. An air ambulance was called – an act that saved my life. I’ve been a fan of the NHS ever since!